'Fit Together'

Pupils from Clounagh Junior High School, Tandragee Junior High School, Killicomaine Junior High School and Ceara met at Brownlow Leisure Centre and participated in a day of sports activities organised by Craigavon Active Communities. The pupils will meet for a second day of working together on the 'Fit Together 'Project in Tandragee Junior High School where they will participate in science, cooking and P.E. activities learning together about keeping mind and body fit.

2014-2015 Project

St. Michael's and Ceara Schools

'New Year-New You'

As part of the Project 'New Year- New You' Pupils from Ceara School visited St Michael's Grammar School

and participated in classes and activities in the school alongside St Michaels' pupils.

Ceara and St. Michael's Project-'My Town'

Classes 12 and 15 in Ceara Have worked together throughout this term on the Project 'my town'

Pupils first took photos around Lurgan of building that had special meaning to them and that they liked. They have worked on producing photo collages, drawings and clay representations of their chosen landmarks for a final exhibition to be held early next term.


Exhibition of work created during the 'My Town' Project.

Pupils, staff, parents, members of Board of Governors of both Ceara and St Michael's schools met together in Ceara for an Exhibition of the work pupils created together during the 10 weeks of the 'My School' project. Pupils from both schools shared their experiences and learning from working together on the project. Mrs Sheryl Stafford E.T.I. stated that 

'It was the highlight of my week to see the young people lead the way for us all in Northern Ireland in Shared Education... and to be able to walk into an oasis of calm, creativity, enjoyment and inspiration for a better Northern Ireland.

The speeches from the young people were so heartfelt and engaged the hearts and minds of us in the audience in a profound way...

all the pupils faces and comments were a testimony to the impact of the work.'


Dr. Peter Cunningham, Principal of Ceara stated that 

he believed that the project was, 'inclusive education at its very best.'


Mr Gerard Adams, Principal of St. Michael's said that they had been inundated with pupils wanting to participate in the project and that they highly valued the link and hoped that it would continue and grow.


Ceara, Clounagh Junior High and Tandragee Junior High

' Learning, Sharing Together' Project

Pupils from Clounagh Junior High School, Portadown, Tandragee Junior High School and Ceara School are participating in a collaborative art project.

Here are photos of the work they completed during their 1st session together.


Craigavon Area Leaning Community Co-ordinators at the 'Eye4Education Careers event held at Brownlow Hub. 

This event was planned and funded by C.A.L.C. to raise the awareness of Careers teachers of Market trends in career opportunities in Northern Ireland and in Craigavon in particular in the near future. Science, Technology and Mathematics [S.T.E.M.] based job opportunities were highlighted but all subject areas were considered


Ceara and Lurgan College Art Project

Pupils from Class 16 Ceara  joined with Lurgan College pupils in the art room at Lurgan College for one hour each Tuesday for the last 10 weeks to work together on a textile based art project. Pupils drew designs on textiles, used different techniques and TOOLS even used the sewing machines to produce a collage of Autumn.