School Bank


In conjunction with the bank of Ireland Ceara school have opened a school bank.

Post Primary Pupils in the school are able to open a savings account and make regular deposits on Mondays in the Bank.

Details for opening an account can be had from Mrs Janet Warwick.

Pupils in the school leavers class will be taught by staff from the bank about banking procedures, writing cheques, using a debit card, making lodgements and using ATM's.

Pupils will also be interviewed for positions in the bank and experience being the bank manager, cashiers, customer service personel, auditing manager and marketing manager.

Pupils have also had a trip to the bank in Lurgan to experience the job in aa real life situation.

This opportunity provides pupils will invaluable life skills and a chance top practice work skills.

Please consider opening an account and making regular lodgements to maximise the potential of this opprtunity for our pupils