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CALC partners

Craigavon Area Learning Community comprises thirteen Post Primary Schools 

The schools are from all sectors- Grammar, Comprehensive, Junior High,Senior High, Special school and EOTAS provision.

The schools work together to meet the entitlement framework requirements for pupils in the area.

Ceara school has established links with all the school and pupils participate in collaborative projects and courses in other schools and in Ceara with pupils from our partner schools in the learning community.

Listed below are links to the other schools in Craigavon Learning Community:














Ceara Links with Craigavon Area Learning Community 2014-2015


Ceara -St Michaels link

‘New Year, New You.’

Pupils worked together on a project looking at healthy lifestyles and diet,

learned dances together and researched recipes and prepared healthy food to be served to guests at the presentation of the project.


Ceara –Lurgan College Link

Pupils worked together on an art project about nature and trees using textiles to create  wall hangings .


Ceara-Lurgan Junior High school-Tandragee Junior High School,- Clounagh Junior High School, and Killicomaine Junior High school

‘Fit Together’

Pupils from all five schools worked together on aspects of being healthy and having healthy attitudes to others.

Pupils explored exercise and participated in hip hop dance classes, healthy foods and prepared healthy recipes and healthy bodies learning about the heart


Ceara Links with Craigavon Area Learning Community 2015-2016


Ceara-St Ronans Link

Pupils will work together on a project exploring media including Newspaper, Radio and T.V. to produce a final presentation to guests

The project will focus on local and topical issues allowing pupils to learn about styles and skills for presentation in each medium and explore common interests


Ceara –Lurgan College Link

Pupils will work together on an art project about Autumn making batik and sewing individual pieces to create a unified piece of art.

The work will focus on colour and shading as well as art techniques


Ceara-Clounagh Junior High School-Tandragee Junior High School

Pupils will work together on a STEM  Project. They will visit the STEM bus and have follow up lessons in Science classes. The focus may be ‘Forensic’ skills but this is to be confirmed.