Class 8 September 2015


Class 8 is the Primary Sensory Group for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). Pupils are aged from 10-14 and follow the NI curriculum with sensory adaptation to meet individual pupils’ needs.

Our classroom is located on the central spine of school towards the end of the Primary Department. We have a fully equipped teaching, kitchen and sensory area within the classroom, an adjoining changing room and utility area.

Across the hall is an area for equipment such as Leckey chairs, Acheeva bed,  standing frames, walking aids and wheelchairs. All of these ensure and promote proper positioning for learning and encourage mobility as much as possible.

Currently there are 8 pupils in class 8 with one teacher and three classroom assistants. There is also multidisciplinary input from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, community nursing and peripatetic services.

Communication is an important and integral part of our day to day routine and is displayed through a variety media. The pupils in class 8 learn best by using their 7 senses and therefore activities are tailored appropriately. We give sensory cues for most activities or tasks which promotes awareness of time and what`s next as well as the understanding of concepts. Pupils are encouraged to respond and interact with staff and peers through their own special way of communicating e.g.: vocalisation, facial expression, Pecs or body movement.

ICT is used to enhance pupil communication and learning. We use a variety of switches, (pressure, sound activated, movement sensitive etc.) to operate gadgets, toys, touch screen computers and our interactive whiteboard.

Ipads are used frequently and a great number of suitable apps have been installed.

Our favourite activities are music, Snoezelen, P.E., cookery, topic related crafts, sensory stories and Tac Pac activities. We also enjoy and benefit greatly from our weekly integration with other classes for P.E., music and assemblies.

In class 8 we adhere to the ethos of Ceara School by ensuring that each individual pupil enjoys school and achieves his/her full potential in a safe, secure and happy environment.