Ceara, like all special schools, has nine governors.  Governors are appointed/elected for a period of four years.  Our current board of governors was reconstituted in May 2015. Governors are unpaid and act in a voluntary capacity in accordance with the principles of public appointments.

The Department for Education (DE) appoints three governors, while the Education Authority-Southern Region (EASR) appoints two governors.  Two governors are elected from the parents of children attending the school and one teacher governor is elected from within the teaching staff.  

Governors meet as a body at least once each term with the appointments sub committee (five governors) meeting as required.

Each year, the principal produces, on behalf of Governors, a Report for the previous school year.  The report covers staffing, the school curriculum, school links, school funding, child protection, school policies and pastoral care.  Copies of these reports may be had from the Web Site.  In addition, copies are kept in the entrance foyer.  

The Governor's report supplements the monthly 'School Newsheet' which is published in the 'News' section of our web site and is full of school information.  Hard copies are also available in the General Office.

The school principal is the secretary to the Board of Governors.   However,  as he was neither elected or appointed by DE or the EASR, he has no vote in any discussions or appointments. 

All Governors are trained in Child Protection matters.  Governers may avail of training in recruitment, health and safety as provided by the EASR.


Two records are kept of all governor meetings; one is kept in school, the other is sent to the EASR.


Our current governors, appointed in May 2015 are:


Mr Joe Nelson (Chair of Governors)

EASR Representative [Appointments Committee]


Mrs Diane McClelland (Vice Chair)

EASR Representative [Appeals Committee]

Mr Dan Corr 

EASR Representative [Complaints Committee]


Mrs Fiona Rowan

DE Representative [Appointments Committee]


Ms Eileen McCabe

Parents' Representative [Appointments & Complaints Committee]


Dr. Eimear Thompson

Parents' Representative [Child Protection Governor] [Appointments & Appeals Committee]


Mrs Heidi Clarke

Teacher Representative [Appointments Committee reserve]


Dr Peter Cunningham (Pam Evans-Acting) 

Secretary to the Board of Governors


Governors may be contacted at any time through the secretary (Dr. Cunningham) 02838323312 or through the Education Authority Governor Section (Mrs Lorraine Livingstone) 02837512200.


Governors will meet on the following dates in 2016 -2017


Monday 26th September 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Thursday 26th January 2017

Thursday 30th March 2017



All meetings are held in the Resource Room in Ceara.


Meetings of the appointments sub committee may have to be scheduled subject to the needs of the school.