School Motto

'Forward Together'







       Each Other

       Regardless of



       Talents or






 Mission Statement


All pupils, irrespective of ability/disability, attain their fullest possible potentials - educational, social, physical and emotional within a learning environment that is safe, friendly and child centered;


Learning experiences at Ceara are of the very highest standards;


Our curriculum will encourage tolerance and understanding as well as accepting difference and diversity;


The maximizing and celebration of pupil achievements, in all areas, are seen as fundamental teaching objectives;


Staff, teaching and non-teaching, are actively encouraged to obtain additional relevant experiences/qualifications;


Our ‘Early Years’ provision continues to develop and expand, and thus meet the needs of parents/guardians;


The fostering of respect for each other and our community will be developed in all pupils;


Pupils currently enrolled in our ‘Leavers Class’ leave school equipped as fully as possible to take their place in society;


Parent/guardian views are accorded the maximum importance – with the school seen as an extension of the family;


Parent/guardians are fully involved in the construction of Individual Education Plans;


Challenging targets, that are regularly reviewed and assessed, are set for pupils with pupil participation if applicable;


Challenging targets are set for the pupils, and the progression towards such targets is monitored regularly;


Pupils are equipped, as far as their ability allows, with the necessary ICT skills to take their place in the local workforce;


We have a strong European focus right across our curriculum through our Comenius and British Council links;


A PMLD inclusive dimension is included in as many school activities as possible and with as many local schools, primary, post primary and special schools, as possible;


Revised Curriculum awareness raising is seen as a priority area;


Links with the local community are dynamic; and


Links with all professionals, educational and others, supporting the school are both positive and proactive.