Counselling will be offered this year in Ceara (2015-2016). Our Counsellor is Mrs Julie Qualie.

Counselling is talking to someone in confidence about the things that worry or upset us. It is my job to listen to the pupils and help them to sort out their worries. By talking, listening and using creative interventions we can see things differently, understand our options and make different choices.


Issues that can be helped by counselling include;

  • family difficulties
  • bereavement
  • peer difficulties
  • anxiety
  • self esteem issues
  • bullying
  • difficulties in managing emotions
  • behavioural difficulties
  • trauma

I would be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have about the counselling service. 


Counselling for Youth @ 07743869725


My name is Julie Quaile and I have had the good fortune of becoming the counsellor of Ceara School, this is something that I am excited about and I look forward to getting to know the young people and staff at the school over the coming months.


To let you know a little about me;


I have been a counsellor for 7 years now and during this time I have worked with adults and young people in many contexts as a result of which I have considerable experience of working with and through lots of different issues.  I have worked both as a counsellor in special need schools and post primary schools.



I also work with a crisis intervention service that is currently funded by the public health association.


To say I enjoy what I do is an understatement. I can honestly say that I love coming to work every day and I feel it as a privilege to be working along side young people.



What else about me?  I like good food, spending time with my family and my friends. I like walking my dog, but most of all my time with my own children (grown up teenagers) and my younger nieces and nephews is very special to me.


I enjoy the challenge and the reward of working with young people and I am always happy to meet with and talk to their parents so please feel free to call me and I will be happy to meet you if you want a chat about the counselling service.


I hope to meet you some time. 




Julie Quaile

School counsellor







Counselling 4 Youth

The Counselling Centre

116 Bloomfield Avenue



TP 02890731571

mob 07514806968