Dr Peter Cunningham                                     Principal

Mrs Evans                                                 Vice Principal [Acting Principal]

Mrs Cunningham                                                  Head of Early Years and Primary

Mrs Cunningham                                                  Class 1 Early Years

Miss Cunniffe                                                      Class 2         Early Years

Mrs Crozier covered by Miss McCann                 Class 3         Early Years

Miss McMullan                                                    Class 4         Early Years

Mrs McConville covered by Miss Downey            Class 5         Primary School

Mrs McCluskey                                                   Class 6         Primary School

Mrs Grant                                                          Class 7         Primary School

Mrs Lenehan                                                      Class 8         Primary School

Mrs Clarke covered by Mrs Reid                        Class 9         Primary School

Mr Cunningham                                                   Class 10       Primary School

Mrs McCartan                                                    Class 11        Primary School

Miss McCaul                                                       Class 12       Post Primary School

Mrs Watson                                                       Class 13       Post Primary School

Mrs O Hagan                                                      Class 14       Post Primary School

Ms Gildernew covered by Miss Tennyson           Class 15       Post Primary School

Mrs Woods                                                        Class 16       Post Primary School

Mrs Coulter                                                       Class 17       Post Primary School

Mrs Warwick                                                     Class 18       Post Primary School

Mrs Muldrew                                                     MT Cover

Mrs Joanne Owen                                         Classroom Assistant

Mrs Sharon Griffin                                      Classroom Assistant

Mrs Jacqueline Carson                                 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Karen Richardson                                  Classroom Assistant

Mrs Michelle O Hara                                    Classroom Assistant

Miss Roisin Creaney                                      Classroom Assistant

Mrs Annette McCann                                    Classroom Assistant

Mrs Fiona Dorton                                          Classroom Assistant

Mrs Caroline Galbraith                                  Classroom Assistant

Mrs Julie Bell                                               Classroom Assistant

Miss Shauneen Maguire                                Classroom Assistant

Mrs Cathy McConville                                   Classroom Assistant

Mrs Helen Fullerton                                      Classroom Assistant

Mrs Cathy Mallon                                          Classroom Assistant

Mrs Devnet O Kane                                       Classroom Assistant

Miss Nuala McCavigan                                   Classroom Assistant

Mrs Tanya Farrell                                         Classroom Assistant

Mrs Danielle Wilson                                      Classroom Assistant

Mrs Karen Douglas                                        Classroom Assistant

Ms Colleen Murphy                                        Classroom Assistant

Mrs Denise McKerr                                       Classroom Assistant

Mrs Gearldine Keeley                                    Classroom Assistant

Mrs Shauna McGuinness                                Classroom Assistant

Miss Melanie Edmundson                                Classroom Assistant

Ms Janet Hewitt                                           Classroom Assistant

Miss Aisling McCann                                      Classroom Assistant

Mrs Rachael McDade                                     Classroom Assistant

Miss Aimee Mc Cann                                      Classroom Assistant                  

Miss Christine Hanna                                     Classroom Assistant

Miss Sarah McNally                                      Classroom Assistant

Miss Louise Kidd                                           Classroom Assistant

Mr Dominic Carr                                           Classroom Assistant

Ms Linda Magee [covered by Dearbhla Tighe]   Classroom Assistant

Miss Louise O Hagan                                     Classroom Assistant

Mr Steven O Hagan                                      Classroom Assistant

Mr Lawrence McGuinness                             Classroom Assistant

Miss Nikita Anderson                                   Classroom Assistant

Miss Rebecca Quail                                      Classroom Assistant

Mr Martin McGibben                                    Classroom Assistant

Miss Diane Halliday                                      Classroom Assistant

Ms Olga Gila                                                 Classroom Assistant


Mrs Gillian Magee                                         Executive Officer

Miss Leah Walker [Covered by Dana Byatt]  Clerical Officer

Mr Robert Hobson                                        Senior Building Supervisor

Mr Thomas Murphy                                       Building Supervisor

Caro lBurke                                                   Domestic Cleaner

Marian Martin                                               Domestic Cleaner

Yvonne Cullen                                                Domestic Cleaner

Jackie Adair                                                 Domestic Cleaner

Mrs Martina Flannigan                                  Cook

Mrs Eileen  Johnston                                    Catering Assistant

Mrs Heather                                                 Catering Assistant






1 September 2015