School Information

School office hours are: 8.30am - 4.45pm

Mon -Fri



School telephone number: 028 38 323312

School facsimile number:  028 38 349670

School physiotherapy staff number: 028 38 326332

School occupational therapy number  07557791306









School Holiday List


Pupil Holiday List for 2017/2018

The school will reopen for pupils on Monday 4th September 2017


School will be closed on:             School will reopen on:

                         the following dates

      30th October-03 November                06 November 2017


      21 December -03 January                  04 January 2018


      15th-19 February                                 20th February 2018


      19th March                                          20 March 2018


      29 March -06 April                             9th April 2018


      04-07 May                                          8 May 2018


      25-28 May                                          29 May 2018


The school will close for the summer break on 29th June 2018


P Evans                                                                         14.02.2017


School Holiday List



School reopens for pupils on Thursday 1st September 2016.  School will be closed for pupils on the following dates:



October                31st                                           (Halloween Holiday)


November             1st                                             (Halloween Holiday)

                             2nd, 3rd & 4th                              (Staff Training)


December             21st to 31st inclusive                   (Christmas Holidays)


January                2nd & 3rd                                     (Christmas Holidays)


February               16th & 17th                                  (Mid Term Break)


March                   17th                                           (Public Holiday)


April               10th to 21st                                 (Easter Holidays)


May                      1st & 2nd                                     (Public Holidays/Staff Training)

                             29th & 30th                                (Public Holidays/Staff Training)



School closes on Friday 30th June 2016 for all children.


 185 Pupil Days; 5 Baker Days; 4 Staff Training Days.


 A copy of the school closures will be placed on the school web site from

1st April 2016.




13 January 2016