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Welcome to Class 12 Home Learning Area!

I am now signing off for the Easter Break! Please stay safe, stay home, and have lots of fun with your families!


Wishing Zalan a very happy 12th birthday over the Easter holidays!


I will be back on with more ideas for you for week commencing 20th April. If you wish to continue with home learning next week to keep a sense of routine, there are so many lovely Easter themed ideas you can do! Make buns, make cards, make a bonnet, go on an egg hunt! I have added an Easter folder to inspire you in the 'Ideas for you' folder. 


I will leave the current page on for you over the break to use as a guide, and will continue to add new ideas to the file section as I find them!!


Please check out the school assembly videos with Katie, a wonderful way to stay connected!


We are really missing you all, please send some photos to my email (at bottom of page) so we can see what you are up to!

Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely, restful Easter. 


Jenny, Tanya and Colleen x


Here are some ideas for week commencing Monday 30th March:


In school this week we would have been preparing for the Easter break with lots of Easter art, making cards, Easter buns, an Easter Egg Hunt and learning about the Easter Story. You might like to start these this week too or perhaps keep this for next week. 


I have been adding new sections to the page - why not check out the scavenger hunts section - these are cross-curricular and are a fun way to spend an hour!

Circle Time


Circle time activities - letter of the week 'w'


Play abc mouse song for letter :


Ask you child to give you a word beginning with the letter (a different word each day!) and practice the Makaton sign for the letter.

Continue to use 'We Talk Makaton,' a lovely site which will talk you through the sign of the week, with a video section on how to perform the sign.


Watch BBC Newsround – discuss the daily topics. Watch BBC NI weather – talk about the weather for today and what we can do in that weather.


Reading – 2 pages of reading book per day, and go over high frequency words.


Words for this week:






Novel – continue to read a chapter of Matilda, however read a fabvourite book/story if you don’t.

I have put a link at the bottom of the page to David Walliams who is doing a story a day online! Worth checking out!

 Ask your child questions about what they have read, what might happen next etc....


Pencil control/ fine motor activity from your home learning pack


Look through a book - can you find any of our spellings / letter w words? What is the longest word we can find? Make reading as fun as possible!!


Practice writing name - why not write name outside using chalk this week?




Maths activity from 'maths homework' section of home learning pack. Make a start on your Easter Maths Booklets!


Order kitchen items in to size order / shape / colour. Then you can extend this by cleaning out those cupboards! 


Count how many flowers are growing in the garden - make a chart and see how this changes over the coming weeks.


ICT time – Numeracy activities on Education City – do at least 2 activities. You will find that there are foundation and KS1 sections – have a look at an activity from a section and gauge yourself should you need to choose from a harder/easier section.



Movement Break


Continue with a movement break, such as our favourite 'Shake Your Sillies Out' or type in Wake Up Shake Up into youtube to signal that it is learning time again.


Arts and Crafts


Do some printing with household items - e.g. a potato masher! Make patterns on a page with different colours, make a flower!

Why not make your own paint! Check out Mother Could on Facebook to get a safe recipe!


If you haven’t done so already, make a Rainbow for your living room window. A lovely way to connect to the outside world. It will make your neighbours smile and symbolise hope from your home. 


Science and Technology


Make cloud dough! All you need is cornflour and hair conditioner - it is easy to clean, is soothing on your hands after all that washing, and it smells fab too!


Continue with the daily lego challenge from your home learning pack! (I've also put a link to it on the bottom of page)



Are you doing the daily PE lessons with Joe Wicks (body coach)?


If it is nice outside - get out and play - hop around the garden like a bunny. See how many you can do in a minute!



Mindfulness activity for 15 – 30 mins – go to youtube, type in ‘Mindfulness meditation for kids’ and let your child choose a New Horizons meditation.


The one I have chosen for this week is ‘The Magnificent Garden'

Your child will lie on the ground - encourage them to be still and close their eyes - you will be amazed by how settling this is! (you may enjoy it too!)


Do some mindful colouring with relaxing background music. 



HAVE FUN!!!!! Don't stress the little things. I'm sure the days will seem to get harder as isolation continues, so the most important thing is to try to keep sane!!


The above list is not exhaustive - there are lots more lovely ideas in your packs and please do what is right for you and your child. There are so many home learning ideas online now, on social media, so many practical ideas so please try to have fun, and GET OUTSIDE!!!! We have been lucky with the weather so far and I believe it is to be nice this week so take full advantage and get some fresh air in the garden. 


If you have a printer at home, why not print the fab Covid-19 time capsule document and start to fill this in as a little project! If you don't have a printer, scroll through for ideas and make your own!


If you need to get in touch, email me on and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I would love to hear how you are all getting on. 


Stay safe, take care


Jenny  x

Below is an example of how you could structure your day. You know your child best, do what is right for you and your household.

I have also included below a Covid-19 survival kit for parents - 6 useful posters which may help you during this difficult time - please have a look!

 Covid-19 survival guide for parents
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