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Class 22

 Term 2 and Easter
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 May work
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Happy June Everyone!

Another month of home learning, and you are all doing so well!   We have planned this week a little differently to make it fun and for you to choose your areas of learning.  
Take care and I enjoy hearing your stories when I call or e-mail. 

Leaver’s Journey............

Monday 29 June
To keep you busy for the last few days..........

Summer Fun activities 22nd June.

Remember to be positive! 

Sports week 15th June 2020

Don’t forget to check all activities, and let us see all your great efforts! 

Remember cookery too for weighing, pouring and measuring!   Have fun :)

Take time to yourself..........name your feelings! 

Remember to ‘play games’ and move! Enjoy some

Rainbow cookery for a healthy snack.  

We celebrate Jeovanni’s 18th Birthday this week! 

This is mental Health Awareness week!

We are doing the Ceara Bake Off for positive well being.  

Congratulations to all for the Ceara Bake Off!
to end this week look at our gratitude hunt!

Remember this is Bank Holiday weekend.  
Take care and stay safe.

Take your learning outside for ‘Outdoor Classroom Day!’ 
Thursday 21 May   

 keep track of safe internet use and download app! 

Another week of learning! Have fun and stay safe:)

Another week of learning!
Another week of learning!

A social story to discuss school closure and home learning.  

Happy May Bank Holiday week!

it is hard to believe we are entering May, and May Day Bank Holiday is on Friday!  I have provided a few more ideas for your learning, and hope the links and activities are useful.  There are a mixture of tasks from practical to sensory.   Also there is a  simple tick list to follow for your daily routine, and advice to help you remain calm and mindful  for another week.
Take care and hope you enjoy the weather this week! 

On Gina Davis' facebook page there are lots of videos of attention autism that can be used at home https://www.facebook.com/ginadaviesautism/

Webpage http://ginadavies.co.uk/

Remember you are using everyday skills and developing understanding by doing these tasks! 

  • Previous work just in case you need to ‘catch up!’ 

Use pebbles, stones etc you find.  Wash thoroughly, and then add colour, designs or patterns.  Here are some examples and have included the rainbow

Sensory Learning
Sensory Learning

Remember you need to keep going with your pack- you are now on Day 15 for English and Maths.

Remember every Thursday ‘clap for carers!’ 
Decorate and display.  

Class 21 love music! This link will help all to be involved especially because we had just started music lessons in term 2! 

Try different activities!    Remember to take photos and send to Mrs Reid by 12 noon Friday 24 April.  Most of all have fun! 

Some ideas to help you with Earth Day!  Remember to take lots of photos to show all your work

For baking this week I thought you could try these ‘biscuit’ squares because you are probably all fed up with chocolate?! Lol.  

Here are some ideas for Easter learning that we would have been doing in class.  There is a variety of craft, baking, English, to listen to The Easter Story and fun hunts to do!  
We are about to enter our ‘Easter break’ so you can use some of these suggestions to keep you busy over this time! 
Mostly Stay Safe!! 

Home Learning ideas for Class 21.   
Remember to follow the timetable and complete your daily tasks in your packs sent home.   

Just a little extra other teachers have shared for a different style of home learning! 
Hope you all enjoy and keep going?!


Also to keep Tuesday as your assembly day, tune in to on-line crown ministries!

Wednesday update! 
Try to find these coins or print page off and colour if you can?

Also ‘move more’. It is really important to support your mental well being.   
Take care everyone.   

Have a go today at our Learning for Life and work using cookery for work skills. 

Evening All!   Hope you made it through today. 
Try and use some Mindfulness tips to help you get a routine ready for bed,  

It’s mid week so let’s make some noise!   

Morning All!

Hope you are managing with your timetable and tasks?  Here is a social story to wash hands, it’s so important!   
Take care and keep trying with all your work! 

Read or listen you can use YouTube audio books.   
Take care all!  Stay safe and Stay home!

Happy 18th Birthday Connor!

multi-sensory approach 

Class 21 weekly timetable.   

Home Learning examples

Arts   Topic work for Blue planet, Easter crafts 
Sensory exploration to engage all learners e.g. touch, smell, sight