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Post Primary Assembly

Good Morning Everyone!

This is our last assembly of the school year. What a year we have had! We have all been on a journey together over this last year and you have all done so well, growing and learning every day.

The Magic of ‘Yet’!


Very soon it will be the school holidays and hopefully you will have lots of plans for some great times together over the next few weeks.  Think about the things that you would like to do; do you have any new skills you’d like to learn or new places that you’d like to discover?  Look at the PowerPoint presentation below which is all about ‘The Magic of Yet’, and have a discussion about the new things that you could explore.  

Remember that life i
s a journey and not a destination.


Have a wonderful break and stay safe & well.  We can’t wait to hear all about the adventures you have had!



Assembly Songs...

School Prayers...

Heavenly Father,

now we pray, at the start of this school day.

Hands we join and heads we bow.

Listen to our prayers now.

Heavenly Father, now we pray, 

at the start of this school day.

We thank you God for fruit and flowers,

for clouds and sun,

for moon and stars, 

for food to eat and friends to love. 

We thank you for your blessings from above.