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A page to find fun activities and somewhere to keep in touch... 


Thank you Darragh, I will cherish this forever!

Tuesday 30th June

So lovely seeing all your little faces today.  
Sad it was our last day together, but happy that at least we had a 'socially distanced' goodbye.

Enjoy your summer break and can't for the cuddles when we are all back to school together.


Monday 29th June

A little video of some of our best moments during our very short time together...

A poem from staff for all our pupils 

A lovely song message from Mrs Grant and the assembly puppets for you all to enjoy!

Sadly this is our last week together as Class Two.  A year I will never forget!

Im going to spend this week celebrating each one of you, a different pupil each day. 

Sunday 28th June

Lastly, let's celebrate ...


There is never a dull moment when Riley is around. He is our little ball of energy and fun! 

During calm moments spent on the swing together, Riley is comfortable to use his words and mummy has reported his vocabulary has greatly increased over lockdown; I even got the pleasure of hearing his little voice over the phone.  Superstar!

Riley is communicating so well with his PECs symbols on his First…Then chart, making choices and informing adults of his preferences. 

Riley’s fine motor skills are amazing, threading tiny beads and pouring materials, sitting and concentrating for much longer periods. 

We have all missed his mischievous little face and adorable personality.


I am so proud of all your achievements this year Riley xx


Saturday 27th June

And now it's time to celebrate ...


Michael is our entertainer!  Often head to toe in dress up costume, acting and entertaining us all.  Life is a stage for this boy! Michael is a big Toy Story fan and loved dressing adults in cowboy hats to join in with his play as he took on the lead role of Buzz Lightyear.

Michael’s passion is craftwork, especially cutting out body parts to create a character, gluing and piecing it altogether and making it come to life.  He was a huge fan of our skeleton during our Halloween celebrations and loved singing along to the body parts song.  

Michael has also enjoyed learning new words through our reading scheme together.


I am so proud of your dedication to communication Michael, keep working hard with mummy. xx


Friday 26th June

Today, we are celebrating ...


Kieran is the ‘smiler’ of our class, always laughing and having fun.  He loves imitating the happy and sad emotions board, keeping us all entertained.

Kieran is also our technical wiz, with a great interest in the iPad and our interactive whiteboard educational games. 

Kieran’s favourite lessons have to be cookery and music, exchanging the symbols to request.  He always liked to help out in cookery by licking the bowl clean at the end!

Kieran loves everything outdoors; playing in the sand house, play park and outdoor areas.  He has great gross motor skills; such as pedaling a trike, crossing the swinging bridge and pushing himself on a swing.


It has been a pleasure welcoming you to your first year at Ceara. Keep having lots of fun Kieran! xx


Thursday 25th June

Thursday is a day to celebrate ... 


The little singer of the group, Esmé is always walking around the classroom, humming a tune.  She would run into class each day to see what play activities were on the tables, chatting away to the fairies and the woodland creatures.

I have loved cuddling up together in Snoozelen to watch Frozen songs, laughing along to Anna and Elsa’s, ‘Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?’

Esmé has achieved so much this year, growing in confidence with new experiences such as eating in the hall, attending assemblies and her greatest achievement of all, taking part in the Christmas Play.


I am so proud of the confident little lady you have become, Esmé. xx


Wednesday 24th June

Today is all about ...


Darragh is our little ‘cuddler’.   If you are having a bad morning, Darragh is the man to brighten it with his gorgeous smile and the ‘squeeziest’ hug.

Darragh tried to keep us all fit at the start of the year, running up and down with him in the outdoor play areas.  He has endless energy and it takes a lot to tire him out!  Darragh has great strength and can push himself on the swing, his favourite activity during outdoor play or when using the therapy room.  
Darragh is the biggest book fan, often taking himself to the reading corner and getting lost in a Julia Donaldson.

Darragh has worked so hard to enjoy our work tasks and was sitting to complete activities with a huge smile on his face before lockdown, and I’ve heard from mummy that he is working so hard at home to complete his puzzles now.  Great boy, Darragh!

I am so proud of the happy little boy you have become Darragh.  Keep smiling and making others smile! xx


Tuesday 23rd June

Today let's celebrate ...


Our little daredevil!  Chloe started the year very anxious about new activities, especially when heights were involved.  But she refused to give up!  Before lockdown in our play park she was crossing the swinging bridge, climbing the ladder and even going down the slide backwards!
Chloe is one of the very few people who enjoys her teacher's singing, always asking for more and smiling (although maybe she is just laughing at how bad I am!)
Chloe's favourite subjects are PE and Music.  She runs to the hall to explore how her body moves through jumping, climbing, crawling and throwing.  During music lessons, Chloe investigates a range of instruments and loves playing along to her favourite 'Little Baby Bum' tunes. 

It has been a pleasure teaching you for this very short year Chloe and I am so proud of all you have achieved. xx


Monday 22nd June

Firstly let's celebrate ...


Amber is our laid back, easy going little lady.  Always happy to complete every work task, running over to the table to see what activity we have planned.  She likes to stack toys and the outdoor play bricks and can build constructions of great height, because of her fantastic patience and concentration skills.  
Amber loves songs.  She likes to hold a puppet or prop as she listens, reaching for the duck puppet to '5 Little Ducks' or a monkey teddy for '5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed'.
She really enjoys our counting song during Circle Time, counting along on her own fingers or interacting with staff.  
Her favourite subject has to be cookery; the ingredients were always tasted before the stirring and mixing tasks were completed. 
Amber loves playing 'Humpty Dumpty' in soft play, rolling off the wall into the ball pool.  Her smile lights up the room!

You have done so well this year, Amber.  We are all very proud of you! xx


Sunday 21st June

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads!
This little craft is easy to make together, using a white mug, add a thumbprint of father and child and write onto the cup using a Sharpie marker.


Saturday 20th June

Well done completing Sports Week 2020
Click on your certificate below, to enlarge and print

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4
Gallery - image 5
Gallery - image 6

Friday 19th June

Unfortunately we didn't get to celebrate our Sports Day in school this year, however we had lots of fun practising for the activities, which you can see in the following photos taken during our PE lessons and sensory circuit sessions.

Another fabulous assembly to keep everyone entertained from the wonderful Mrs Grant.

Thursday 18th June

During Sports Week we always try to eat healthy, such as trying a piece of fruit during snack or making rainbow fruit kebabs during cookery lessons.
You could try choosing your favourite fruits to blend together into a healthy morning smoothie - delicious!


It would be lots of fun copying Mrs Clarke's Sports Day activity, modelled by Jacob and Jesse.  
You could even match coloured items into coloured containers like Amber likes doing during our PE sessions.


Wednesday 17th June

Following our Summer Theme Topic, I collected stones at the beach to decorate


Today you could try Mrs McNally's fun Sports Day activity of 'Balloon Keepie Uppie'

Tuesday 16th June

Indi and I took on Mrs Cunningham & Jessica's Rainbow Sports Day Challenge.  
Can you try the challenge also?

Monday 15th June


Watch the video below to view the challenges set by Mr Cunningham for our Virtual Sports Week.  
Each challenge is demonstrated by a staff member.  
Then pick any of your favourites to copy or create your own sports day challenge such as counting how many jumps of the trampoline you can do in a minute.
Send your video efforts to my email or Mr Cunningham at mcunningham978@c2kni.net.
We hope you have lots of fun, keeping fit and healthy.

The following planner is for our Summer topic, to last until the end of term.  

Work at the activities alongside those set for our week long virtual Sports Day and complete whatever you feel suitable.  


Follow the instructional video to make a 'Daddy Shark' Father's Day Card, following our underwater theme.  

Find the free printables here https://www.artycraftykids.com/craft/how-to-make-a-shark-fathers-day-card/

Lifes a Beach.jpg .jpg
Summer Sensory Bin.jpg .jpg
Summer Tac Pac.jpg .jpg

Sunday 14th June

Amber and Chloe have been busy reading/shopping and completing sensory activities. 
What great girls!

Saturday 13th June


A huge congratulations to Kieran and his family on moving into their new home.  
Home Sweet Home

Friday 12th June

Time for another fantastic assembly from Mrs Grant.  Following our pet chat yesterday, have a look at MrsGrant's new kittens in the video.  They are now walking, meowing and looking super cute.

Thursday 11th June

Pets are very important to a lot of us right now, stuck at home.  
You may have spotted my dog, Indi in our Ceara videos.  Riley relies on his Labrador dog, Kim to make him smile when he's feeling down and now Darragh has a new pet to do the same for him.
Meet Nugget the guinea pig - so super cute!
(Always room for more pet photos if you want to send to my email)


Wednesday 10th June

*** WARNING ***

Double cuteness overload in the next little slideshow.  Our twinnies, Ambs and Chloe-Chlo have been following our topic with a fun filled trip to the beach.  
The matching waterproof clothing and the facial expressions have melted my heart.

Tuesday 9th June

Riley has been getting ready for our 'Virtual Sports Day'
Even has his dog training for the event!

Details to follow soon ... get moving everyone!

Monday 8th June

This morning I had a video call with this handsome man.  

I think you can tell from my face (and the tears) that I was very happy to see him.

Mummy is doing an amazing job with art activities, playdough and fun games - Michael is such a happy boy.

Louise, Julie and I miss every one of our little darlings. 

Keep safe everyone and praying we can be together soon 


This is the link to our school therapy webpage https://ceara.sites.schooljotter2.com/home-learning/speech-and-language-therapy

You might find this video from our therapy staff useful 

dollMermaidPlaydough.jpg .jpg
Mermaid and pirate cookery.pdf .pdf
Mermaid sensory bottles.jpg .jpg
MermaidFineMotor.jpg .jpg
mermaidhandprint.jpg .jpg
MermaidPlaydoughTails.jpg .jpg
MermaidSandWritingTray.jpg .jpg
MermaidSpoons.jpg .jpg
MermaidTails.png .png
MermaidWaterBeadsSensoryTray.png .png

Sunday 7th June

Why not try our pirate game of 'walk the plank' to increase your balance. 


Saturday 6th June

Learn the Makaton signs for our new topic for this week ... Pirates & Mermaids

Mermaid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyIyt0TOeiw

Pirate - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5WKkqZWHTs


Friday 5th June

Watch another fantastic assembly video from Mrs Grant...

Thursday 4th June

Try one of the name recognition tasks below to help your child identify their own name.
You could also cook some alphabet spaghetti shapes or Birdseye Alphabets and help your child to spell out their name before enjoying a tasty treat. 



Wednesday 3rd June

I follow 'Occupational Therapy ABC' on Instagram and they have some great tips and techniques that may benefit your child.
We all know our pupils have trouble sleeping.  This site sells weighted blankets that may help for both sleep and for comfort during meltdowns.

Tuesday 2nd June

A few mummies have spoken about starting toilet training.  This is a big step and very daunting for both child and parent.  
In school we use symbol schedules to help.  
If you want me to make and send an individual schedule for your child,
just send me a little email and I will be more than happy to help anyway I possibly can.

Monday 1st June

oceancups.png .png
rainbowfishsensorystory.jpg .jpg
underthesea.jpg .jpg
undertheseaoutdoorfun.jpg .jpg
undertheseaplay.jpg .jpg
undertheseasensorysensations.jpg .jpg
undertheseatacpac.jpg .jpg

Sunday 31st May

Learn the Makaton signs for our sea creatures with the help of the Singing Hands girls

Sing and dance along to 'Baby Shark'.  I would love to see a video of you trying to learn the actions.


Saturday 30th May

Our new topic is 'Under the Sea'.  Try some of the yoga moves while reading 'Commotion in the Ocean' and copy some of our favourite sea life.


Click on the images below to follow the story yoga.

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4
Gallery - image 5

Friday 29th May

Another fab assembly from Mrs Grant ... 

Thursday 28th May

The following video is a sensory massage following our story for this week, 'Rumble in the Jungle'
Everyone in Class Two love having their hands and feet massaged so should enjoy this when tried at home.

Wednesday 27th May

With this lovely weather why not go on a safari experience!? 
Hide plastic jungle animals in your back garden, make toilet roll binoculars and see what animals you can spot in your very own back yard!


This is a photo of me on safari in South Africa a few years ago using my binoculars to spot my favourite safari animal,
the giraffe, so I could take a photo. 

Tuesday 26th May

I think we all found the PE sessions by Joe Wicks a little challenging, I know I had sore legs after trying one!  
Cosmic Kids have some great yoga sessions on Youtube that have colourful backgrounds, music and upbeat motivational speech to entertain kids.  
In this episode meet  Stezzi the Parrot, in keeping with our jungle topic. 


Monday 25th May

animalnaturejungleart.jpg .jpg
Bagel Pizza Snake.pdf .pdf
CrocdileNumberMatch.jpg .jpg
Jungle Handprint Art.jpg .jpg
Jungle PlayDough Birds.jpg .jpg
Jungle Sensory Bin 1.jpg .jpg
Jungle Sensory Bin 2.jpg .jpg
Jungle Slime .pdf .pdf
Jungle Tac Pac.jpg .jpg
JungleMessyArt.JPG .JPG

Click on the image below to read along with the Rumble in the Jungle story


Then click on the image below to play a jungle interactive game 


Sunday 24th May


Our beautiful twins, Amber & Chloe turn a big 5 today.  Happy birthday girlies - we all send lots of hugs and cuddles.

The girls have had a great day making pizzas, eating cake and playing in their present, a trampoline for the garden.
Big thank you to their mummy for sending photos so we can share in their day.

I See Ewe is a free app where your child can interact with jungle animals and listen to the sounds they make.

Saturday 23rd May

There is some great advice pages and videos on the Belfast Trust OT website for toileting, dressing skills, sleep advice https://view.pagetiger.com/paedot


Friday 22nd May

Watch Mrs Grant's weekly assembly with George today to see a Happy Birthday shout out to our twins, Amber & Chloe,
who turn a big 5 years old on Sunday.  

A big well done to everyone who took part in the Ceara Bake Off.  All the treats looked delicious!

Thursday 21st May

Kieran has been working hard with mummy on all of the little video challenges.  Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos...

Learn the Makaton signs for lots of the animals we are meeting in our jungle topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCnwpA_SW5s

Wednesday 20th May

As its Mental Health Awareness Week, Mrs Cordner has kindly recorded some mindful breathing techniques and a yoga lesson, that is suitable for kids and adults to do together.  
We all need to take some time and concentrate on our heads right now.

Mindful breathing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0C1hdVpSsQ

Yoga for kids - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZUM4R2XjH4

Click on the image below to read a book together about worries during the Coronavirus 


Tuesday 19th May

Julie and her daughter Sophie have kindly demonstrated some of the exercises we use in our sensory circuit using a therapy ball.  
These can help to calm and regulate a child's body ... and most of all they are fun!
Send us some photos or a little video of you copying the moves - enjoy!


Monday 18th May

animalnaturejungleart.jpg .jpg
AnimalTrackJump.jpg .jpg
cutthejunglegrass.jpg .jpg
Dear Zoo Puppets.jpg .jpg
Dear Zoo Sensory Story.jpg .jpg
Jungle Handprint Art.jpg .jpg
Jungle Sensory Bin 1.jpg .jpg
Jungle Sensory Bin 2.jpg .jpg
Jungle Tac Pac.jpg .jpg
JungleCages.jpg .jpg

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Try to do something each day this week for you!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcyc68d6OAk


Sunday 17th May

We had all been learning our alphabet, recognising the letters, making their sounds and trying to sign each using Makaton.

Here are videos from Mr Tumble and the Singing Hands girls to help you all to keep practising. 



Saturday 16th May

As our topic is Jungle you could use the AR animals on Google to take a photo with a jungle animal.  

Simply type 'AR animals' into Google and select 'view in 3D'  You can view the animal or select 'AR' at the top to take a photo with a tiger, snake, parrot and many more.

Send it to my email and I will post on our home learning page.

Friday 15th May 

Darragh, his mummy and sister Lydia, have been working hard in the kitchen to make delicious treats for the school Bake Off competition.  Darragh isn't a fan of cookery but was beginning to sit for lessons with us in class.  His mummy has done a great job getting him so involved.  Just look at the concentration.  And again a big thank you to his amazing helper, Lydia.  What a brilliant big sister to have - lucky boy!

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2

Another fabulous assembly with Katie

Thursday 14th May

Julie is really missing preparing work tasks for you all so she has photographed a few items from around her house which can be used to make fine motor activities to strengthen the pincer grasp.


Wednesday 13th May

A little hello message ...

Tuesday 12th May

This little video shows fun ways to improve fine motor skills and concentration at home.  Class Two enjoy cookery lessons, pouring, mixing, chopping and rolling - learning so much through fun activities and learning essential life skills.  We would love to see your photos and videos as you prepare for      'The Great Ceara Bake Off' 

Monday 11th May

This video about joint compressions may help with sensory issues  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApBvQRzQe6I

artcollage.jpg .jpg
cardboardboxactivities.JPG .JPG
DarraghCarPainting.JPG .JPG
freethevehicles.jpg .jpg
hotairballoonkeepup.jpg .jpg
landseaandairsensorybins.jpg .jpg
letterparking.png .png
magnetictilecarramps.jpg .jpg
MusicTransport.jpg .jpg
paintingwithcars.jpg .jpg

Sunday 10th May

Try using your selfie camera to make funny faces for your child to copy...

Saturday 9th May

Here are a few play ideas to keep busy over the weekend.  Riley loves collecting his own cups, spoons and bottles to create his own pouring and filling tasks.  We've used these in sand, water, lentils, beans, peas, raisins, cous cous and so many more sensory substances.  
Putting tape markers around plastic bottles is a good way to teach children to pour liquids, creating a life skill of pouring juice for themselves.  Kieran, Michael, Riley and Chloe are already trying this!
Send photos if you would like me to share any of your activities for ideas for other parents.


Friday 8th May

Class Two enjoy fine motor tasks.  Riley can sit for AGES to complete.  Below are a few ideas using things found in the home; pasta threaded onto straws, Cheerios onto dry spaghetti (held in place with play dough), beads onto silly straws or feathers, pipe cleaners threaded through the holes in a colander or weave under a oven grill, wooden pieces pushed into the lid of a tub are just a few of the tasks we have tried in class.


Thursday 7th May

When the weather is so nice, try to get outdoors as much as possible.  
Here are some chalk ideas for our Transport topic to entertain during outdoor play.


Have a look at the photos of our beautiful 'twinnies' - Amber & Chloe playing at home with mummy.  
Amber's brick construction is just amazing!  Very proud and miss you lots

Wednesday 6th May

Kieran's beautiful smile in our pebble drop video is just amazing!


Sophia had to go exploring at Oxford Island to find Class 2's name messages and pebble.

Try masking out an area to park bikes and trikes to visually teach your child how to tidy away play toys after using.


Tuesday 5th May

Darragh has been very busy with mummy and Lydia, creating his colourful pebble for someone to find, as a message of hope.  
The beautiful rainbow colours also make me think of the Autism jigsaw symbol.  What a very special boy to have such a loving, big sister that cares for him and looks after him.  
Also a great helper for her mummy.  

Thinking of you always so made a little video for our pebble drop... here is a sneak preview 

Monday 4th May

ArtBubbleCars.jpg .jpg
ArtPaintWithCars.jpg .jpg
CookeryFruitChocolateCars.pdf .pdf
EmergencyStory1.jpg .jpg
EmergencyStory2.jpg .jpg
EmergencyStory3.jpg .jpg
MessyPlayShavingFoamCars.pdf .pdf
MessySensoryCarPlay.jpg .jpg
MusicTransport.jpg .jpg
OutdoorPlayTransport.png .png

Sunday 3rd May

This is a CBeebies Bedtime Story that made me think of everyone.  It is called 'We Are Together'

Saturday 2nd May

Count along with the Super Simple Bee Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWUgZm_AE64

Friday 1st May

Another amazing assembly from Mrs Grant, today featuring Plum...enjoy and Happy Friday!

Our Speech Therapists say we should copy babbling noises.  Here is a little video of Stefan copying some singing noises.

As our minibeast topic is nearly finished, read Julia Donaldson's 'What the Ladybird heard' https://www.slideshare.net/coyb1971/what-the-ladybird-heard and listen to her sing a song about the story in the Youtube video below. 

Then try to count the spots on the ladybirds in this Topmarks interactive game https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/ladybird-spots



Thursday 30th April

Julie and her daughter Sophie have created a PE sensory circuit based on our Minibeast topic.  It uses very little equipment so is easy to recreate at home.  These activities are great for developing gross motor skills in young children and help with balance and body movement.  Also the jumping and crawling helps with sensory processing, attention and to improve brain processing.  
I think Sophie did an amazing job and she always likes to help out Ceara, especially at the Christmas Fair.   If you wanted to try this at home and send a video, Sophie would love to see how you all get on.  

Teach your monster to read is an amazing app and website.  The phonics videos are good fun and teach the initial sounds.  Click on the image to go to the webpage (I found the middle set of phonics videos are best as they show the written letter alongside the sound so your child can learn both at the same time).


In Class Two we love Mr Tumble's Nursery Rhymes songs, singing along and trying to learn the Makaton signs.  Below are two of our favourites which are also linked to our Minibeasts topic.


Wednesday 29th April

In Class Two we often use the Oxford Reading Tree book scheme.  Both Michael and Esme were enjoying reading books both in class and at home.  

Click on the book image, by the amazing Julia Donaldson below to read the free e-book together.


Julie has been working hard from home also and has made a pasta snail craft for you all to copy. 


Try some of the art and messy/sensory play ideas below after reading The Hungry Caterpillar Story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQNxBrONqaA


Try to complete the Hungry Caterpillar Home Learning Challenge


Tuesday 28th April

Thank you to Mrs Reid for putting together all our Earth Day images into a fab video.  Can you spot Darragh and his amazing smile?

Explore the great outdoors in your garden or while on your daily walk, collecting wild flowers and framing inside a cardboard frame.  Leave outside and see how many mini beasts come to visit your beautiful creation.


Monday 27th April

Butterfly snacks.png .png
hungry caterpillar with instructions.png .png
Megs Veg sensory story.pdf .pdf
Minibeast Tac Pac.jpg .jpg

Sunday 26th April

Class Two love our Literacy & Numeracy Lessons.  We always start with an interactive game session.  For Literacy we use Starfall, learning a letter of the alphabet each week using the videos.  In Numeracy we use the NGFL story of programs.  Click on each image to take you to the websites. Enjoy!


Saturday 25th April

Found this little video of Michael singing along to 'Skidamrink - I love you'.  So nice to hear his voice.  

Yesterday I was speaking to Riley on the phone and he is now saying 'please' and 'thank you' and even asked mummy for a 'Jaffa cake'! Clever boy and his voice is adorable.

Friday 24th April

Enjoy Mrs Grant's Friday assembly, this time with an appearance from Granny...

Stefan showing some examples of keeping busy and improving on fine motor skills.

Thursday 23rd April

Thought of Michael when I saw this minibeast craft using natural materials and his love of anything with a face.  We would have had lots of fun making them together in school and dancing to the 'Bug'n Roll' song.  Missing you all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xyXB8_BetQ


Wednesday 22nd April


Let's celebrate Earth Day by looking at some of our outdoor photos ... 

Darragh has been working hard to match animals and learn the sounds they make for Earth Day.

He is having so much fun with mummy's clever activity.  Beautiful smiles to make us all happy!

Tuesday 21st April


As tomorrow is Earth Day we are asking parents and pupils to send a photo completing an 'Earth Day' activity to celebrate 'Our Wonderful World'.  In your photo you could complete an art and craft activity, paint your face, make Earth cookies, paint rocks to look like Earth, enjoy outdoors (a walk or playing in your garden), investigate nature (make mud pies) or enjoy time as a family together.  Can't wait to see your photos, missing you all so much. 

Photos can be sent to my email as before or rreid332@c2kni.net before 12 on Friday.  Thank you 


Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4

Our topic for the next two weeks is 'Minibeasts'.  Use the symbols below and the Singing Hands Makaton video to learn the signs for each Minibeast, then see if you can find any in your garden.

I have also included minibeast themed games into the folder below.  Print and use to play matching games, snap or pairs while learning minibeast names and what they look like.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIb_gbpcaGk&t=6s

makatonminibeastmatch1.docx .docx
makatonminibeastmatch2.docx .docx
makatonminibeastmatch3.docx .docx

Monday 20th April 

FarmAnimalSoundSymbolBoard.png .png
Minibeast Tac Pac.jpg .jpg
Muddy Cups.png .png
Planting_a_rainbow.pdf .pdf

Sunday 19th April 

Dr Temple Grandin is hosting a webinar on Facebook on Tuesday 5th May from 7:30pm.  She is an inspirational speaker and very knowledgeable on Autism as she has ASD herself.  She is the inventor of the roller machines that we use in sensory circuits as she found she needed a 'squeeze' to calm during sensory overloads.  

If you are on Facebook just follow this link to book your ticket.  


Rock Painting - Brighten up your garden, painting rocks and stones. 


Saturday 18th April

Teddy Bear’s Picnic - Take a selection of favourite soft toys into the garden with some tasty treats and enjoy a picnic in your garden. 


Friday 17th April

Class 2 love having their feet painted and are really good at holding the paintbrush now to 'tickle' their own feet.  Put some paper or cardboard on your outdoor paving or driveway and make some messy, paint footprints.


Thursday 16th April

Collect a range of paintbrushes and rollers, then dip into water to create mess free paintings outdoors on flagstones and fences.  

Wednesday 15th April 

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Class 2 love bubbles. You can make homemade bubbles with water, dish soap and sugar. Then use bubble wands, straws, cut plastic bottles and anything you can find with a hole in the middle. The mum in this clip used a hula hoop in a paddling pool of homemade solution to make a giant bubble around her child. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f566tqGdz4g

Tuesday 14th April

Learn the ‘Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken’ song with Makaton signs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P96SdU3ePuU

Monday 13th April

Easter Egg Roll - Paint hard boiled eggs in bright colours and have a competition as a family to see who can roll their egg the furthest.


Sunday 12th April

Another amazing puppet show from Mrs Grant, Katie and her friends to tell us all about Easter.

Saturday 11th April

Easter Sensory Bin - Fill a tub with rice, pasta or lentils (you can dye them with food colouring or paint).  Then your child can scoop and pour using plastic eggs, cups and spoons.


Friday 10th April

Musical Egg Shakers - Add sand, rice, peas or lentils to plastic eggs and seal to make your very own Easter shakers.  

Then shake along to the new Easter Egg Hunt song by Little Baby Bum (Chloe & Amber's favourite!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re6ig9T_c1g


Thursday 9th April

Darragh has been busy learning, sorting and posting his colours at home with mummy.  What a clever boy! 


This gave me an idea for Easter colour sorting.

Easter egg sort - place coloured plastic eggs into an empty egg carton and use kitchen tongs to match pom poms or colourful chicks if you have them available.

Wednesday 8th April

Marble Painted Easter eggs - Swirl paint over shaving foam and dip egg cut outs face down to reveal a colourful pattern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tyyh8rhwKQ8

Tuesday 7th April

Sensory Easter Eggs - Collect a range of sensory touch items from your home (such as wool, foam stickers, pompom, buttons) and arrange onto egg shaped cutouts.  Encourage child to move their hands over them to feel the different textures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kt_aS45rmw


Monday 6th April

An idea my sister had that you might like to use at home to keep kids entertained... attach balloons to string and hang for child to hit with a spatula or wooden spoon.

As you can see my little nephew had so much fun!

Over Easter break I will post a sensory Easter activity each day, that you may wish to create with your child. 

Remember if you need anything you can contact me via email @ nmcmullan024@c2kni.net 

Marshmallow Easter Bunny - draw a bunny face outline onto card or paper and model to child how to follow the line in glue then add mini marshmallows.  

The marshmallows appeal to the taste, touch and smell senses.  When we made similar crafts in class not many marshmallows survived! 

Add pipe cleaner whiskers and googly eyes (or draw on if none available - not essential shopping!)


Sunday 5th April

As the weather is so windy today we should be just like Riley and relax with a film and some treats.  

What a great smile to brighten our day!

Saturday 4th April

Encouraging your child to perform an animal walk helps to provide gross motor skills and sensory input.


Friday 3rd April

Darragh has been working hard with mummy and big sister Lydia to create his rainbow picture to support and thank our NHS workers.  

Great job! 

Enjoy another update from Katie for this week's Friday assembly!

You might also like to watch a puppet show from 'Crown Jesus Ministries' who often come into school for performances. 

I've also included a puppet show that siblings may like to watch to make sense of what Autism is like.



Thursday 2nd April

Click on the Gruffalo to watch the story on BBC iPlayer, then meet him in Julia Donaldson's Makaton video below.  
Why not head out for a walk and try to spot the Gruffalo and his friends on your way!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCdVP9Qq6HM&t=7s

Wednesday 1st April


To get ready for Easter lets learn the sign for rabbit and the 'Little Peter Rabbit' song with the help of Singing Hands.




Tuesday 31st March

The pupils in Class Two really enjoy massage techniques on their hands and feet when spending time in the Interactive 'Sensory Snoozelen' Classroom.  This video link shows how to perform similar massage techniques to the ones we apply in school.  I have also included videos to calm and relax which is similar to how the 'Snoozelen' room works with the bubble tubes and sensory equipment.  The 'Hey Bear' site on YouTube has many more videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtf9cFBJkHVAf2qMqF01xYg

 I hope this helps to calm children during stressful moments and possibly prepare them for bedtime.





Monday 30th March 


Singing Hands is a learning resource that we use A LOT in Class 2.  Their Makaton sign videos are very helpful for us staff and Class 2 love the signed songs & nursery rhymes.

The girls are signing stories to keep our kids interested during lockdown.  This is one of our favourites, 'I Love Animals'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE_LrAYgihs&t=38s

Find more on the Singing Hands website.


Circle Time Song of the Week - The Bunny Hokey Pokey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2HL2oR94Sw

Sunday 29th March 

Say our school prayer together as a family to keep everyone safe


Saturday 28th March

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1

Darragh has been busy with mummy, making a gorgeous Spring chick. 

Well Done Little Superstar!

Friday 27th March 

Happy Friday Everyone.  One week of school closure done!  Check out Mrs Grant's fabulous assembly video to celebrate. 

Education City is a great learning site that we use in school in most classes and they are offering 21 day free trial.   Class 2 love the songs in the EYFS section.  

Click on the image below to take you to the website.


Arts & Crafts activities can keep kids entertained but the last thing you need is a messy house.  This parent has a few non-messy creative tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEER3Qq19SY

Thursday 26th March 

In school we work closely to a Montessori style way of teaching and also use a scheme called TEACCH. There are amazing ideas on Pinterest.

Some ideas are - sweeping tasks, washing windows, folding clothes & pairing socks, posting activities - coins into a money box, scrubbing fruit & potatoes with a nail brush, cutting fruit (bananas are easiest), pouring water into containers, sorting peas & sweetcorn, organising the cutlery drawer, washing dishes, squeezing fruit to make juice, spreading butter/chocolate spread/jam onto bread/toast ...

Hopefully the weather keeps shining and pupils can play outdoors in their back gardens.  Class 2 always enjoy outdoor play!

Use sponges, buckets, squeegees, cloths, empty spray bottles ... to make your own car wash
Clean outdoor play bikes, trikes, scooters
Setting a chore within a fun task!
If you have a large box or metal frame add strips of paper or a cut up sheet to include a drive thru car wash.

Gallery - image 0

Wednesday 25th March 

It is important to keep active.  Joe Wicks (a personal trainer) is filming daily week day exercise classes on Youtube @ 9:00am that may be something for the whole family to do together.   https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

Special schools use daily sensory motor circuits to both energise and settle, helping with sensory imbalances.
An obstacle course may work for some children with sensory processing difficulties. Trampolines, skipping ropes, body boards, yoga balls, bikes, scooters, bats & balls, ladles & bouncy balls (think egg & spoon race) tunnels, weighted blankets, slides, benches (balance beams) and sensory equipment could be used.
Items children can jump off, pull themselves along, crawl under, squeeze into, roll over, balance on, hop / bounce across, push against, pedal etc.

Glue sensory tactile items to chopping boards (I bought cheap ones off Amazon) such as sponges, pom poms, rice, wool, sandpaper, mop heads, pot scourers, bubble wrap, to make a sensory garden path to walk or crawl along.

Gallery - image 0

Tuesday 24th March

Here are some of our favourite website links.  Click on the images to navigate to the webpage. 


Monday 23rd March 


Week One Activity Folder

CircleTime.PNG .PNG
CircleTimeLinks.PNG .PNG
FunThingsToDo.png .png
SheepCupcakes.PNG .PNG
SpringHunt.PNG .PNG
SpringMakaton.PNG .PNG
SpringTacPac.PNG .PNG
SpringYoga.PNG .PNG
Symbols.png .png

Circle Time Song of the Week - This is the way the Bunny Hops - https://youtu.be/hb9tt7LiYrc


Twinkl is a website full of resources such as worksheets, activities and PowerPoints which is offering free membership to help with home learning. Click on the image below to go to the website. 


The Early Years/Foundation team have organised a 'Home Learning Timetable' and a weekly overview plan (with activity ideas) to hopefully ease you into a home learning routine.  Remember these are only suggestions - it will take some time for both pupils & parents to adjust to this new routine.  Take each day a step at a time and don't feel pressurised to complete. 

Welcome to Class Two's Home Learning Page

Here you will find a suggested weekly timetable and activities to follow.

Please remember these are suggested activities that are here to help you keep your child stimulated and busy.  Do not feel under pressure to complete all the activities - do what works for you as a family.

There is a guestbook section at the end of this page for comments and please email me at nmcmullan024@c2kni.net if you have any questions or just need a chat!

Keep safe and we miss you all.

Nicola, Siobhan, Julie, Louise & Joanne


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