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Welcome to Class 6's Home Learning Page


Please find below some links to social stories for the boys and girls, explaining our current situation.  Also check out the list of useful websites we use in Class 6 and some extra for use at home.  

Keep scrolling and you will find what a day in Class 6 will usually look like (Class 6 Timetable) along with planners and ideas including tasks and activities to keep busy - these are updated weekly, please look for this weeks date. 

Please do what works for you as a family and pick out things that will work with your home life/routine best. 

Class 6 enjoy circle time very much, below you can download instructions for our circle time and our favourite songs. 

Just click on 'download' in each area of the page to see more.  Enjoy!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your friends in Class 6 at home. 

Don't forget to send some photos through to us of the boys and girls having fun safely at home.

Social Stories

Please click on the links below to find a social stories all about the Corona Virus:

What Is The Corona Virus? (click below for the story): 

Seeing People Wearing Masks (click below for the story):

School Is Staying Closed (click below for the story):




'Attention Autism'

Please click on the link below for some great online tutorials and guidance for parents on using Attention Autism at home:

Autism Advisory and Intervention Service 

Please click on the link below to access some Autism Advisory Intervention Service (AAIS) resources and information on the EA website:


Useful Websites

 Useful Websites.docxDownload
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Happy Summer Everyone! 

Well Done on being lock-down heroes!!  

Please check out our staff video below from us to you and some fun activities for you for over the coming Summer weeks..

An end of year song from The Puppets...

Play and Topic Planners

Week Beginning : Monday 22nd June 

Week Beginning:  Monday 15th June

This week is Ceara Sports Week.  Check out all of the sporting events you can try on the below table and click on the video below to see the events demonstrated... GOOD LUCK! Please send any pictures or videos to by Friday 19th June.

Click on the folder below for more fun Sports Week activities to do!  Have Fun!! 

 Sports week
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Primary Assembly 

Check out our weekly assembly below every Friday and join in with our songs and hymns...

(In school our assemblies are normally every Friday before snack - Assembly video will be uploaded every Friday. 


Week Beginning:  Monday 8th June

 Play and Topic Planners
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 Resources for Topic and Play Planners
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Week Beginning:  Monday 1st June

Week Beginning:  Monday 25th May 

Week Beginning:  Monday 18th May 

It’s Mental Health Awareness week, check out the video below...

Don't forget all the 'Great Ceara Bake Off' entries are to be sent to by Thursday 21st May... please see poster below for all the details.  Good Luck!

 Play and Topic Planners
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 Resources for Play and Topic planners
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Week beginning:  Monday 11th May 

* Our project this week:  'Ceara Bake Off' - please see poster below for all the details.  Good Luck!

 Ceara Bake Off poster.pngDownload
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Week beginning:  Monday 4th May

* Our project this week: Don't forget to send a picture of you and your pebble with your messages of hope to 

Week beginning: Monday 27th April 

Week beginning: Monday 20th April

 How are you feeling today.jpgDownload
 I feel....PNGDownload
 Play Planner - Spring.pngDownload
 Spring words.jpgDownload
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Earth Day - Wednesday 22nd April

 info on Earth day.jpegDownload
 Other Earth Day activities.pngDownload
 Pledge ideas.pngDownload
 pledge template.jpegDownload
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Week beginning: Monday 6th April (Easter)

 Play Planner Easter 2020 .pngDownload
 Topic - Easter - Planner 1.pngDownload
 Topic - Easter - Planner 2.pngDownload
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 Easter symbols and signs.docxDownload
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 Chocolate Nests recipe.pdfDownload
 Easter Chick Playdough Recipe.pdfDownload
 Easter Cross Art.pdfDownload
 Easter Egg Hunt Can You Find Poster A4.pdfDownload
 Make Egg Shakers.pngDownload
 Prompt Card for Easter Hunt.pdfDownload
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 Easter art 1.pngDownload
 Easter art 2.jpegDownload
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 Week Beginning: Monday 30th March






Class 6 Timetable

Circle Time (click on blue links below for songs)

PersonalDevelopment &MutualUnderstanding 

 My Turn Your Turn.pdfDownload
 Wash your hands Class 6.pdfDownload
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Developing Fine Motor Skills

 Developing Fine Motor Skills tasks.pngDownload
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Communication Aids

 Easter symbols and signs.docxDownload
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 Getting dressed.pngDownload
 Morning time.pngDownload
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On the snack board below are some of the snacks pupils can choose from in Class 6.  All pupils use these to request what they would like to eat/drink.  Feel free to add your own pictures from home of extra snacks in the blanks spaces. 

 Snack choice board.pngDownload
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Sensory Circuits

 OT Advice - Proprioceptive Exercises.docxDownload
 OT Advice - Sensory Motor Circuits.docxDownload
 sensory circuits 1.PNGDownload
 Sensory Rich Activities.jpgDownload
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"Go hunting.."

 spring flowers.pngDownload
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Class 6 staying safe at home...