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Alternative Timetable

See the files below for an alternative timetable to the one above.
These contain some visual aids that may come in useful to help your pupil structure your day.
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See the video below for examples of therapy ball exercises 

A big thank you to Julie and Sophie for this fabulous video xx

Topic for this week....



Singing walrus. Summer song


Jack Hartman Summer song


Mr Sun Super simple songs


Literacy for this week....

Numeracy for this week...

R.E. for this week....

A special song from the puppets: Katie, Granny, George and Plum. Always remember you are special, you are unique and you are loved! 

See below for an A4 board you may wish to use with your child to help convey basic feelings and personal needs.(A5 options are in the files below)

An extension for when your child has negative emotions , such as angry, frustrated and sad could be to use the choice board to try and make them "happy" again. These boards can be printed out and kept in your "feelings box".

W.A.U. Cookery Activities for this week... 

The Arts Activities...

The Ulster Orchestra sent in this video for all our pupils ...

Learning through play....

P.E. ....

Previous weeks documents and additional resources....

Ceara Community Videos 

The Great Ceara Bake-off .Thank you to everyone who took part in cooking up some tasty treats!£605 has been raised so far for PIPS (dated:24/05/20) 

Useful Web pages.....

Attention Autism Training for parents

Our pupils love Attention Autism, often referred to in class as the bucket.  

Many of our teachers have had the full training and lots of our staff have been taking part in online training in the recent weeks.  

For the first time there is going to be training for parents.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about this strategy and to then be able to implement it into home life.


On Gina Davis' facebook page there are lots of videos of attention autism that can be used at home 


Webpage http://ginadavie

Tacpac Community :Communication through touch & music: https://tacpac.co.uk/parents

Gina Davies Attention Autism : https://www.facebook.com/ginadaviesautism/

CAHMS RESOURCES: Coronavirus : https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/coronavirus

Senplay Ltd for local sensory stock: https://m.facebook.com/senplayltd

Pupil Photo Gallery....